Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Eve at Roca Partida!

Another year has gone by and on board the Solmar V we ended it on big note with a day of diving at Roca Partida. The water is starting to cool down today we got 77F/25C and the visibility was amazing 100ft/30m plus of blue water.
On the first and second dive of the day we had a lot of action and got to see some unique behavior that can only be seen in very few places. Yellow fin tunas were hunting mackerel, when the tunas get into hunting mode they change their color and create loud noises from the speed in which they move in the water. As the yellow fins chase the mackerel they were getting together in small groups close to the surface what made the silky sharks happy because it was their time to hunt. The silky sharks line up and surround the mackerel and eventually they get to catch some at one point there were up to 10 sharks together feeding. Also at the end of the last dive some divers saw a whale shark but it was deep and going fast, we hope it is still around and we can get to see it tomorrow.
On the last dive as we started a huge school of tunas passed by with some big individuals and we ended the dive on the famous ledges of Roca Partida where the white tips hang out!
Tomorrow we will do one more day of diving at Roca Partida and we are excited to see how the year is going to start out here!
Thiago Mendonca

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