Sunday, January 24, 2016

Nearly a dozen different mantas on our final day at San Benedicto!

Hi everybody!
Today we are in our last day of this trip heading back to Cabo, having a great time diving and admiring the amazing life around these isolated islands!
The people are pleased and happy to see so much on this trip, from the friendly mantas to the cheerful dolphins but not to forget all the different kind of fish  and all kind of weird things they got to see here!
Today we woke up very early in San Benedicto Island to set up all the equipment, zodiacs and the anchor line to be used by the divers in order to have an easy descend to explore the well know dive site “El Boiler”. The conditions were just great; calm sea, visibility of 60 feet/20 meters, temperature of 24 C/77 F, no current for the first 3 dives and a little bit of surge during day make it easy to handle for our divers.
Once we got in the water we found a mother dolphin with her calf coming up and down to take breathes and then go down to the depth. Thanks to the great conditions we got to interact with them for about 30 minutes. As the day goes on, we got to swim between a big group of dolphins; two of them started spinning between the divers, squeaking and blowing bubbles imitating our behavior.
For the rest of the day it was all about mantas, at some point we got to see more than 10 mantas at the east side of the pinnacle, making a perfect spot thanks to the clarion fish that come to clean them. The highlight of the day took a place with an albino manta, the same we had seen it in Socorro a couple of trip before, so these guys they like to travel as much as us! We cannot forget the tunas passing by the divers so quiet that they seem to be part of the group, these guys are so big that it looks they have found the perfect spot to feed.
Great day today at “El Boiler”! The trip has been a success and the divers will go back to their homes filled with memories of the great experiences we had this trip!
Rodrigo Marroquin, 
Dive Instructor.

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