Sunday, January 10, 2016

A very pleasant day of diving at Socorro Island, and the first sighting of humpbacks!

Today we dove at Punta Tosca in Socorro Island, the water temperature was 77f/25C and the visibility ranged from 40f/12m to 60ft/20m there was a strong current all day long but on this dive site it is nice when that happens because the current usually goes along the reef and what allows you to do some nice drift dives. Yesterday we did not see many mantas at the other side of the island but today we found them here in one of the dives up to five mantas dance with our divers for several minutes and in another dive we had one follow us all the way to the safety stop.
We also saw lots of the usual stuff that can be appreciated in Punta Tosca, white tip reef sharks, juvenile Galapagos sharks, juvenile silvertip sharks, tons of lobsters walking around, eels swimming by the wall and big groups of parrot fish. It was a very pleasant day of diving.
At lunch time we spotted two humpback whale spouts close to the boat what make us very excited because it means that the whale season has started and now we start hoping to have some encounters with them on the next couple of months.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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