Monday, January 11, 2016

Perfect conditions at San Benedicto!

Hi everybody!
This is the last day of diving of our 7th trip of the season, now we are on our way back to Cabo San Lucas with happy divers and a long trip to remember what we have lived this time. Everyone is dry and the dive gear secure, but great photographs and memories stay still in our head!
After the complicated conditions due the wind blowing from the north, today we got protected on the east side of the island of San Benedicto, so we planned to dive “El cañon” one more day thinking that the visibility would be good compared to other dive sites and we wouldn't be wrong!
Perfect conditions helped to have one of the best days of diving of the trip, with visibility close to 60 feet/20 meters, no current during the first 2 dives and the swell at the surface allowed us to set the anchor from the stern so the divers could easily made their own way to the boat.
For the first dive we went down to 30 meters to the south corner of “El cañon” to find the hammerheads. Once we were there 4 of them showed up into the blue with a quick glance to disappear right away, but once we have seen that, dolphins came toward the divers and started to squeak and spin around us, one male came very close to us so the divers could take good shots of him. We kept looking at them right at the surface with the company of silky sharks. For the next dives we could spot mantas, silvertip sharks, white tip sharks and we tried to find the hammerheads again, this time only at the distance we could see their characteristic white color.
For the 3rd and 4th dive we stayed close to the boat cause many silky sharks gathered under the boat so our divers liked the idea of taking photos there, also the current picked up and the conditions underneath were perfect we spent the dives swimming between big schools of jacks, sharks and creole fish.
The mantas were the highlight as usual, but this time they enjoy the bubbles flaring around the divers even squeezing us against the sandy bottom (in a friendly way of course), this is because they feel so comfortable that close their eyes and let them sink feeling the tickles in the belly, this happen on and on, they seem to be used to the people and enjoyed it. This has been a great trip, let’s hope the next one we can see a humpback whale, now they are around so it’s a high probability!
Rodrigo Marroquin
Dive Instructor.

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