Saturday, January 9, 2016

Better conditions at Socorro Island

Hi everybody!
Today we are at Socorro Island on our third day of diving. After the big swell at “El Boiler” at San Benedicto Island, now the weather conditions were way better with great visibility, about 60 ft/20 mts with the water temperature at 79 F/26 C and mild current coming from the south.
We got in the water for the first dive at Cabo Pearce. The dolphins showed up right at the surface before the sunrise, as soon as we got in some of our divers got to see a pregnant dolphin that looked more like a puffer fish than a dolphin due the pregnancy! The group of dolphins stayed for a little while and then left into the blue. This place is great with good conditions, with long hills that run along the reef with overhangs to get protected if the current pick up. As the dives continue we got to see silver tip sharks deep in the blue whit their clear white marks in every fin, along with some big Galapagos sharks that emerged from the depths to amaze our divers with their majestic shape and size.
The reef is full of white tip sharks all over the place, is so hard to even count them some times but the highlight for this place are the big pacific mantas. We were looking for them all over the place but today they were shy, maybe they decided to get fed deeper, so we've made it our mission is to find them tomorrow at Punta Tosca!
For the last two dives we spend most of the dives close to the rocks, trying to find octopuses, flounders and scorpion fishes; at the end of the last dive right before the safety stop finished we spotted two dolphins in the blue, they came closer, a mother with her calf! It was so little that we supposed it just had only been several days of birth. A Nice way to finish the dive! Tomorrow we are heading to Punta Tosca waiting for good conditions and great diving!
Rodrigo Marroquin
Dive Instructor.

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