Thursday, January 28, 2016

Humpbacks splashing at the surface of Roca Partida!

Hi everybody!
Today we are at Roca Partida after a great journey diving in San Benedicto Island with mantas and dolphins, now it’s time to see something more and we had a wonderful surprise as soon as the day cleared in Roca Partida!
The whale season is been on for more than one month but we haven’t seen that many at surface and not even one underwater, but as we are in the ocean most of the time the probabilities are quite high to encounter a humpback whale, therefore, early in the morning we started to spot some spouts close to the rock and the divers were very excited about the chances to dive with a whale, so everybody got ready to splash and make their descent into the blue!
Once in the water, the conditions were super clear as usual in Roca Partida, there wasn't any current no matter the wind was blowing at surface from the north producing big swells. The visibility was about 90 feet/30 meters, temperature of 24 C/75 F made the dive a little chill but thanks to some thermoclines we could bare easily the 3 dives of the day.
As we were descending we could see big school of jacks and right in the middle a big silver tip shark which suddenly disappeared into the deep. Most of the dive we spend it trying to find whales but these guys are hard to find even with their big size, but we kept trying during the whole day. The groups kept moving from the north to the south and around the rock to encounter mantas really friendly that followed our divers like bubble seekers, we could see white tip sharks sleeping in the little caves of the east face of the rock and hunting tunas chasing the creole fish followed by the mackerel fish.
This place has a little bit of everything but sadly we didn´t get to see the whales underwater but fortunately we saw them at least jumping and splashing the surface with their tail, so our guest got a great view of them, so maybe next time we will have more luck and make the great encounter with them, until then lets enjoy what the ocean brings to us.
Rodrigo Marroquin
Solmar V
Dive Instructor.

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