Saturday, January 30, 2016

We closed our latest trip to lots of manta action at El Boiler of San Benedicto!

Hi everybody! This trip has been really good and sadly it must come to an end, but more new stuff is waiting for us on the next adventure so we have closed this trip diving in San Benedicto Island at the infamous dive site “El Boiler”.
The conditions were good in the first dive with visibility of 50 feet/15 mts, water temperature 76 F/24 C, no current  and everything looked perfect to get to see some dolphins early in the morning and mantas for the rest of the day. For the third and fourth dives the conditions got a little worse than usual, the visibility dropped to almost 30 feet or less than that and every looked blurry and murky but the divers didn’t miss the chance to get to interact once more with the giant pacific manta!
During the day we got to see at least 5 different mantas along the pinnacle in different cleaning stations. One of them, a black one was very friendly and spent the last two dives feeling the bubbles of the divers in the belly. We got to see one of them without a tail due a bite, because it lost not only the tail but the clusters and even part of the wing. It was good to see how excited our divers got with the mantas, for some of them it was their very first experience with them and they weren’t disappointed, the mantas showed along the day and made especial every single swim with them. We didn’t get to see the dolphins this time, something new at “El boiler”. We don’t know if they moved to Socorro or somewhere else but we hope we get to see them next trip, asides that we saw many jacks hanging around the pinnacle, some silvertips in the deep and the usual white tip sharks.
Rodrigo Marroquin
Solmar V
Dive Instructor

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