Saturday, February 20, 2016

A shark filled day with great conditions, mantas, dolphins, and more!

--Feb 18, 2016
Hi All!
A combo day of diving places with Dolphins and a Tiger Shark! Surface conditions were perfect to dive Roca O’neil this morning! A line attached from surface starboard side of the Solmar V all the way down to the front anchor made our descent easy to 18m/60ft, vis is great here 18 to 24m/ 60 to 80ft, water temp 24C/75F, the view as we are descending is fantastic, white sandy bottom with whitish/pale purple colours rocks, lobsters, green morays eels, moorish idols, long nose butterfly fish, white tip sharks were the preamble of our dive, everything is perfect, so neat in this area! Our swimming between rocks 7m/20ft tall took us to top area of the cliff, we continued swimming ahead of us, a few seconds later we find ourselves with no bottom as a reference, this is like jumping off into the abyss! Head down we are descending into deep water letting the weight system do the job for us, a wall brown in colour that drops to 50m/150ft. We resumed the swimming at 30m/ 100ft keeping the wall in our left side, a big opening in the wall turns to be an underwater arch, as we swim into it the first chamber has no overhead with access from 35m/115ft sandy bottom to 18m/60ft if we need to make an ascent, swimming into a second chamber it gets a bit darker, with lots of lobsters and white tip reef sharks, here and there some green moray eels. Turning around to get out of the cave the light penetrating into the area with no overhead made a fantastic view of an underwater arch, further ahead lots of Pacific Creole-Fish, a couple of Hammer Head sharks swimming slowly along the wall, a Chevron manta, juvenile Galapagos sharks, a silver tip shark as well were there to fascinate us! I can't forget to mention about 10 dolphins in shallower water, made a group of divers drift along in the current that was starting to pick up. Punta Tosca was the place to end our day of diving, lots of hard coral, fish, lobsters, octos, green morays, giant electric rays, juvenile Galapagos shark, silky sharks, white tip sharks, giant pacific chevron manta rays so friendly and totally unexpected swimming over our heads a Tiger Shark at the almost end of our dive!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata
Solmar V.

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