Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mantas, dolphins, galapagos sharks and more underwater with humpback spouts at the surface!

Hi Eveybody!
Thanks for following the Solmar V liveaboard on our 10th trip of the season! It has been such a great experience for all of us to share the incredible marine life surrounding Revillagigedo, and today this is not the exception.
Today we are at Socorro Island after our first stop in San Benedicto diving 4 times during the day and enjoying the action underwater with all our guests. The dive site of the day was Cabo Pearce. We prepared the equipment, unloaded the zodiacs and put the divers in the water so they can admire what is waiting for them!
The conditions were a little bit challenging due the current heading from the north that made using the descent line very handy, so the divers could go down and once at the bottom at the rock they could have a relaxed dive thanks to the protection of the overhangs. The visibility was about 60 ft/20 mt with surge close to the edges of the rock, some thermoclines were present so this helped to have an enjoyable dive with 75 F/ 24 C along the day.
Cabo Pearce is well known thanks to the cleaning stations for the mantas, but there is so much more to see! We had 3 mantas along the day in addition to all the other little critters that call Cabo Pearce home. From the surface we were spotting some whales blowing at the surface, we tried to get close to them but the big guys aren’t dumb and know that people are close and in response they desend into the blue. Once underwater we could see dolphins close to the edges of the reef and quite deep, 6 galapagos sharks were out in the blue surrounding the divers and showing their territorial behavior (nothing to be afraid though) also some hammerhead made their appearance crossing from one side of the rock to the other.  For the rest of the dives we had mild current so we could check lots of different things shallow at 50 feet, from octopuses to flounders with big groups of jacks, clarion angelfishes and chaser parrot fishes coming up and down along the reef!
Such a great day! Let’s wait for tomorrow, everybody is thinking about Roca Partida and the possibility of seeing a whale but that has to wait, first Punta Tosca here in the beautiful island of  Socorro.

Rodrigo Marroquin
Solmar V
Dive Instructor.

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