Friday, February 19, 2016

Great conditions at Socorro Island!

Today was our first full day of diving of the trip and we started at Cabo Pearce a dive site located in Socorro Island, the conditions were great, we had very calm seas visibility around 80ft/24m water temperature of 76f/25C and some current going on and off though out the day.
Because we like to spoil our guests the first dive was the best as soon as we jumped in the water, there were some dolphins that followed us from the surface to the reef and interacted with the divers for almost 10 minutes! Towards the end of the dive they came back more of them but they just passed by to say hello!
The second dive we had one shy manta and one hammerhead in the distance, but the third dive made up for it because we had one manta with us for the whole dive over 50 minutes being very friendly enjoying the divers bubbles and being cleaned by up to 10 clarion angels!
To finish the day we had some black jacks hunting what made some juvenile Galapagos and silvertips very curious so they came to check it out and got very close to the divers!
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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