Monday, February 22, 2016

Sharkiest dives of the season so far at Roca Partida!

Roca Partida is on fire!! Today we had three amazing dives out here, they were for sure the sharkiest dives of the season so far, the conditions were great more that 100ft/30m visibility, water temperature about 76f/25C and some mild current.
All three dives were very similar with a lot of action all day long we saw big schools of Galapagos sharks up to 30 of them together silver tips up to 10 together and silkys all over the place. We also had a group of 10 dolphins all day long and schools of bonitas and yellow fin tunas!
The highlights of the day were on the first dive were we got to see a dolphin hunting a creole fish, but it did not swallow it right away he kept it on its mouth and passed right in front of us showing off his catch! The next highlight was on the second dive were we got to see a school of 30 galapagos and a couple of silvertips that passed in the middle of the divers and right after that the dolphins showed up. To finish the day we had a small group of Galapagos and silkys chasing the tunas and after the last dive we got to see some whale spouts very close to the boat. The best day we have had for schooling sharks at Roca so far this season, tomorrow we will be diving here again keep tuned to see what happens next hopefully the sharks will stay here for a while!

Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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