Sunday, February 21, 2016

We had an excellent day of diving at The Boiler!

--Hi Everybody!!!
We had an excellent day of diving at The Boiler, we couldn’t have asked for a better start!  We had a chevron manta at the beginning of our dive as we made our way to the western corner of the reef.  We reached the 90ft/27m depth and headed east, we found lots of trevally jacks, trumpet fish, lobsters, white tip sharks, while waiting for the mantas to show up!  When the first manta showed up around 50 ft./ 15m, it was soon joined by three more!  We had 4 chevron mantas playing with us circling our divers, when a juvenile whales hark joined the mantas! The whale shark was at least 15 ft/ 5m long, and was circling around and interacting with the mantas!  Our divers were very excited to see this kind of interaction first hand, what an awesome first dive!! No one expected to find mantas and a whale shark together, on top of it, 6 bottle nose dolphins were in the area!  What a breathtaking first dive!  Our second dive was exclusively for the mantas!  This time we dove the north side of El Boiler, and immediately we found mantas.  We stayed with them for over an hour on this manta filled dive!  We saw chevron mantas coming from every direction, swimming up and down, around the cleaning station, and interacting with divers the whole time!  A huge yello wfin tuna passed very close to us, and a silky shark was around too! 
The temperature of the water was a very nice 75F/24C. during the 3rd dive the manta action was still at the northern end of the dive site, with a black manta and a chevron one.  The mantas were there for the entire 60 minute dive, even during our safety stop they were circling below us!   The visibility dropped a bit on our final dive of the day, and we spent out time taking a closer look at the little critters along the reef.  We found some green moray eels, white tip sharks, lobsters, big eye jacks, and a curious silky shark circling around the scent line below the Solmar V.  We had a great day of diving, now we're heading to Roca Partida for another great experience! Stay tuned!
Ignacio H. Leyro          

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