Tuesday, February 9, 2016

At least 10 different giant mantas with up to 60 minutes of bottom time with them at San Benedicto!!

Hi All,
Today was an excellent day of diving at the Boiler! We started early in the morning at 7:15 am. A couple of Dolphins were close to the vessel. The day was cloudy and the temperature was nice 75 F º /24 ºC. The ocean was a little rough, but nothing we couldn't handle. During the first dive we had chevron mantas at the start of the dive on the northern side of the dive site. Out of the blue from the north east came dolphins, swimming very quickly around the dive site.  4 Chevron Mantas were around the cleaning station, the visibility was 50'/15m with water temp of 75F/24C, perfect to wear a 5 mm wetsuit!  On our second dive, we moved to the pinnacle on the eastern side ,and between this pinnacle and the Boiler, a beautiful Manta Chevron showed up at the 80 Ft / 24 m. Soon more Mantas joined the show until we had 4 giant mantas going up and down, and all around us, circling the cleaning stations where the Clarion Angel fishes were ready to clean them up.  Closer to the Boiler there was plenty of Pacific Triggerfish, Moorish Idols, big eye jacks, trumpetfish, creole fish, lots of themThis time we had the chance to see black mantas, their top in black, their belly's are black with white spots, and they mixed with the chevron mantas the entire dive, there were 4 to 6 of them swimming around, along with a huge yellowfin tuna that zoomed by us, an awesome massive Tuna!  We could say that every group had their owns Mantas playing around them 3 giant mantas swimming from the 50 Ft / 15 m. to the surface. We had 60 minutes of bottom time enjoying the magnificence of these gentle creatures.  On our 3rd dive the visibility was a little bit murky and dark, but the mantas concentrated at the western corner this time so they were not hard to find!  The Mantas were between the 60 ft / 18 m to the 50 Ft /15 m. We saw at least 10 different Mantas and at some point was funny to find that every diver was interacting with them, taking pictures, videos, blowing bubbles on the Mantas belly, everybody had fun, no doubt!  During the last dive of the day, visibility dropped even more, but the action didn't stop!  At the beginning the mantas were coming to the Boiler from the west, and they were swimming into the blue, taking all the divers with them! They were in everywhere up, down, swimming all around our guests and very curious about the divers and very playful with them!  After dinner all the divers were sharing comments and pictures, and videos of this great day of diving at San Benedicto Island! Now the Solmar V is running to Socorro Island, looking forward for another great day of diving!!
Ignacio H. Leyro
Scuba Instructor
Solmar V

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