Thursday, February 18, 2016

El Fondeadero-Dive Report

El Fondeadero-Dive Report
Today we arrived to San Benedicto Island at 4 Pm. We had a wonderful view of the Island and a sunny day.  The temperature was 84 Fº / 27 Cº. We did the first dive of the trip with very nice conditions for a check out dive. No current, temperature of the water was 76 Fº / 24.5 Cº.  The visibility was 40 ft. /12 m. we went down straight to the 60 Ft. /18 m. We stick to the reef where we saw lots of different tropical fishes like Moorish Idols,Gold grimmed, Trevalley Jacks, Pacific triggerfish, lots of creole fish, green moray eels, lobsters, and octopus! We crossed to another rock formation which had a lot of hard coral, and at the border of the reef, a solitary white tip shark passed in front of us, and meanwhile the clarion angel fishes around were an explosion of color. A little Silvertip shark passed quickly and disappeared, and a chevron manta was swimming at the limit of the visibility. When we returned to the ascent line at 30 Ft / 9 m a curious Silky Shark showed up, and was passing very close to us and leaving the area to come back, when another Silky Shark showed up as well to check what was going on with this bunch of divers having fun!
Ignacio H. Leyro
Scuba Instructor
Solmar V

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