Friday, February 12, 2016

Roca Partida gave us a wonderful day of diving

Hi Everybody,
Roca Partida gave us a wonderful day of diving as it does just about every trip. We went down straight to the ledges at the 45 Ft /14 m which are located at the stern side, and once there we watched lots of whitetips sharks resting on the the ledges, and even the little ones!  We continued going down to the 100 ft. / 30 m. and we headed north, when a Manta Chevron showed up! The gentle giant swam along with our divers meanwhile, a silky shark was swimming around with lots of creole fish when a group of 10 bottlenose dolphins passed in front of us!  We kept moving all along from North to South, both of them followed us all the time! At the end of the dive we opened to the blue and saw a big school of tunas was at the limit of the visibility which was 80 ft. / 24 m with a temperature was 75 Fª. / 24Cº. During the safety stop a Wahoo was around shining in the blue. For the second dive we had lot of action with 2 Mantas Chevron at the southern corner of the rock, playing around, turning from the depth to the 50 ft. /15 M. and we have the first school of Amberjacks and lots of creole fish. We had an amazing view of the rock, which drops off as a vertical wall. On the west side this wall has hard coral, sea urchins, and on some small ledges rest white tip sharks. We went to the southwest where was possible to observe a hammerhead in the deepest area, and we came back to the rock where a giant manta was moving with elegance. To complete our 3rd dive we found lots of creole fish, a Manta Chevron was there too, along with many more schools of fish that were arriving to the area at this time including a big school of cottonmouth jacks and another school of skip jacks, lots and lots of fish everywhere! They stayed at north and they turn and came to the south. We followed this school and we have time to see white tip sharks on a ledge, sharing the space with some big lobsters, and finally all the action was coming from the south!  A huge school of amberjacks circling from the 30 ft. /9 m t to the surface almost, Big eye jacks, cotton mouth jacks, creole fish, and 3 curios Wahoos surrounded us. Another great day of diving in this majestic sanctuary of marine life in the Pacific!
Ignacio H. Leyro
Scuba Instructor- Solmar V

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