Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We ended our latest trip with a manta filled day at San Benedicto!

Today we had our last day of diving on this trip witch has been one of the best ones so far on the season. We started the day at El Cañon the water was 76F/25C and the visibility about 60ft/18m with a mild current. As soon as we got down the anchor line we headed to to closest cleaning station which takes just 2 minutes to get there. We waited for a bit and a group of 8 big hammerheads started passing by very close! After the hammerheads left a dolphin showed up displaying a very unique behavior it was chasing a jack that had just eaten ad made it vomit its food so it could eat it, and just when we thought that it could not get better 7 very friendly mantas showed up and followed us back to the boat! On the second dive we had a couple of mantas again ad some silky sharks under the boat!
After lunch we moved to El boiler the temperature and visibility was about the same and we had two really good manta dives they stayed with us during the whole dive till the last minute. Right after we got out of the water from the last dive two humpback whales came up next to the boat to say good bye to us. Now we will be heading back to Cabo Next weak we will have some more stories to tell, so keep tuned.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive instructor Solmar V

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