Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dec 29, 2016

The first day of diving on this trip. We were in San Benedicto and the dive site El Boiler. The water temperature was 77F/27C and the visibility for the first two dives around 50 feet; for the third and fourth dives the current brought murky water so we didn't have the best conditions, 20 feet visibility more or less.
For the first dive we had mantas and small group of dolphins. The current was strong so we drifted away from the rock and ended the dive in the blue with a couple of mantas, one chevron and one black. The second dive was great too, dolphins again and three mantas; one black and two chevron. On the third dive we saw only one manta just for a few moments and Thiago the videographer saw a tiger shark.
Probably the best dive of the day was the last one, because we were swimming against the current when we found a big school of hammerheads. Nacho's group also saw a group of yellow tail tunas when they were tracking the hammerheads.
The people were very happy for this first day of diving, and they were celebrating at the end of the day dive with a delicious margarita made by Manolo.

DM Solmar V

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