Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Jan 1, 2017

Happy new year people!!!

Today we were back to San Benedicto and the dive site selected was El Boiler. We did four dives in this place and the water conditions were 75F temperature, visibility 50 feet and current heading north. On the first dive we did we saw three mantas and a group of eight to ten dolphins. For the second dive the dolphins came back for a few moment at the beginning and then five mantas!, for the rest of the dive; four chevron and one black. The third dive was all about mantas, they were swimming with us and playing with the bubbles of the divers. For the last dive of the day the current picked up a bit and me and my group decided to swim into the blue to look for more big animals. We found some tunas, a couple of black tips sharks and a group of nine or ten hammerheads. This time the hammers were very friendly because they came so close to us, less than ten feet away and swimming around us; the divers had the opportunity to make good videos of them. They came to celebrate the new year!

Pablo DM

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