Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dec 30, 2016

  December 30 th ,2016 , san benedicto island 

We had a great day of diving at the canyon today !. we had lot of action with the hammerheads .During the first dive we saw few of them circling around , one was close to the reef but when we open to the blue we found few more and when we come back to the reef a black manta pass in front of us ,swimming slowly ,slowly .It make a couple of circles around the cleaning stations ,and disappear in the blue .For our second dive we moved from the canyon to the blue at east ,then a big hammerhead comes very close ,and anothers hammerheads showed up in school .We had 4 to 5 hammerheads below us ,and more hammerheads were at the limit of the visibility which was like 40 ft / 12 m .We followed the hammerheads which were around 70 ft / 21 m depth ,and they  were coming to us from the south ,closer and shallower each time , in front of us ,below us .Hammerheads everywhere !! we count at least 8 hammerheads very close to us and the rest were at the limit of the visibility ,anothers hammerheads below us .everybody was happy !! The rest of dives were very nice too .The water tempèrature was 77 ºF / 25 º C .we had more hammerheads , silvertips sharks ,big schools of amberjacks , whitetipsharks ,3 silky sharks .A Manta chevron showed up for the last dive of the day !.now we are heading to Socorro Island after a day plenty of action ! see you soon !!

 Ignacio H.leyro
 scuba instructor

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