Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jan 11, 2017

Today we are back at San Benedicto diving "Boiler" with great diving conditions, light swell, with 60 ft / 20 mts of visibility, 23 C / 75 F water temperature, no current on the first 2 dives and a little bit of it on the third and fourth dives.

We started the day spotting dolphins on the west side of Boiler, 6 dolphins diving down to 30 meters to get cleaned by the endemic clarion fish, two of them were petting each other on a clear sign of mating so we thought we spoiled their special time, anyway they kept swimming between us and even one of them started rushing to the surface and jumped out of the water several times. On the deep we could see a big hammerhead, about 2 meters or more swimming close to the sand, some black tips were very close to the dolphins but when we tried to have a closer glance they disappear in the blue. The mantas showed up along the day, 4 or 6 different were gliding between the rock and the canyon on the west side of Boiler, so we went down to 30 meters to see them better when 2 big ones started swimming back to the rock and started coming up close to it to get the rising current right under their wings. To finish the day we got a quick view of a big tiger shark that came close to the divers just for a moment and then it went back down to the sand while the divers tried to get the best shot possible.

Its been a great trip for the Brazilian team and for the Solmar crew, we will be back in short.

Rodrigo Marroquin, dive instructor.

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