Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Jan 2, 2017

dive report - roca partida

   To do our first dive we went down at the estearn wall of the rock ,protected from current .At the 45 ft /14 m. we explore the ledges where the whitetipssharks were resting .After taking pictures and videos we went down to 100 ft / 30 m and little by little we move to the north .At this corner we found the first manta chevron of the day ,which was very elegant swimming in the blue . we spent time with it and we went to check the northwest where few whitetipssharks were passing by . We come back to the north and once there more chevron mantas were arriving from the blue to stay with us , swimming up and down ,doing circles from the 50 ft / 15 m to the surface .we count 4 mantas , 3 chevron and a black manta was around .for our second dive the plan was to cover the southern corner of the reef to search for hammerheads or in a very lucky day why not for a whaleshark ? .We entry at south and we saw 3 mantas chevron playing with anothers divers in the blue ,but we didnt pay atenttion to them to stick with the plan .we continue at south but the current was going north then we were swimming slowly at south thinking to come back at north ,when a big ,massive shade was coming from the north to us ,we went straight to it when a huge massive whaleshark showed up in front of us !! it was no less than 30 ft / 9 m  and it has a massive body and volume.Beutiful body plenty of white spots swimming with us at the the 123 ft /37 m !.it turns to the south to turn at the northern corner to disappear . Every diver of every group saw it !!. All was about happiness and enjoyment of this magnificent creature of the oceans !! majestic moment of the day !. To finish the trip we cover from the southern corner of the rock and we explore all the western face ,with beautiful hard coral and a wonferfull view of the wall going down  ,seaurchins and whitetipssharks  swimming around ,mixed with schools of amberjacks and pacific triggerfish , and once at the north an amazing spectacle of mantas was there for us , 6 mantas chevron were coming from everywhere and a black manta too . The water was very clear ,more than 80 ft / 24 visibility ,clean and blue !! the temperature was 77 º F / 26 ªc .very nice conditions to enjoy all the incredible wonders of mother nature !!.Now we are heading back home with the feeling that there,s no better way to start the new year than diving the revillagigedo archipielag with our vessell the solmar v !! Happy new year !!

                                                                                                                                            ignacio hernan leyro
                                                                                                                                               scuba  instructor

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