Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jan 16, 2017

Good day everybody,

Today we were in San Benedicto and the dive site was El Cañon. The water temperature was 75F and the visibility for the first two dives around 70feet; for the afternoon dives the wind picked up bringing dust from the island, and changing the conditions. We had 30 feet of visibility more or less.
The first dive at 7 AM was good, we saw dolphins, a couple of mantas, hammerheads and silver tip sharks. For the second dive we saw three mantas, dolphins at the beginning and the end of the dive, hammerheads, two black tip sharks, a tiger shark close to the cleaning station and four silkies swimming under the Solmar V were there for us. Probably the best dive of the day this one was because of all the action we had. For the third dive we found again the school of hammerheads, but this time they came pretty close to the divers. Two playful chevron mantas were with us most of the time and silkies too. For the last dive because of the lower visibility, some divers decided to stay under the boat taking pictures and video of the silkies in shallow water; also a chevron manta came close too.
Now we are heading to Roca Partida for another great day of diving.

Pablo DM

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