Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jan 19, 2017

Good day people,

Today we dove in Cabo Pearce in Socorro. The water temperature was 75F and the visibility around 60 feet, the day was cloudy with a soft rain early in the morning. Because of the check in the afternoon at the Navy Base, we did only three dives. The first dive was good, we saw one dolphin, two hammerhead sharks and two mantas. For the second dive we had three mantas modt of the time and a group of five playful dolphins. Probably the best dive of the day was the third one, the current picked up, so we had to hold on to the rocks for a while to stay on the reef. We saw a big hammerhead close to us and a few minutes latter in the blue the big school of hammers! Strong current, big stuff to see! Also three mantas were on top of the reef, two blacks and one chevron; one of the black mantas followed us when were were drifting away from the reef, until we did our safety stop and then the manta left us.
Socorro Island gave us a great day of diving and now we are heading to San Benedicto, for the last day on this trip.

Pablo DM

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