Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jan 10, 2017

We woke up today in Socorro Island. We did two dives in Cabo Pearce, then we went to the Navy base to do the check in, and latter in the afternoon the last dive of the day in Punta Tosca. The water temperature was 77F and the visibility around 30 feet.
The first dive one of the groups saw a few dolphins passing by and three mantas on the distance. For the second dive one manta was swimming with one of the groups for a while, also we saw a couple of big tunas and a Galapagos shark. Because the dives were not the best, we decided to move to Punta Tosca and that was a good call! We spend most of the dive with dolphins, and the best part was when one of them very friendly let us touch her. All the divers had the opportunity to pamper the dolphin!
Everybody came back with a huge smile in the face.

Pablo DM

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