Saturday, November 28, 2015

4 hours of snorkeling with whale sharks on our Sea of Cortez combo trip!

Hola Hola
We had three really good days of diving at Socorro but, we had to leave early because there was a storm approaching the area, usually the hurricane season is over by the beginning of November but it seems that this year it got extended and hurricane Sandra was heading in our direction. We left the archipelago but our trip is not over yet it just turned out to be a combo trip to the Sea of Cortez! 
After a long navigation we arrived at El Mogote in La Paz one of the best places in the world to see whale shark, the weather was not the best it was windy, cloudy and choppy but as soon as we spotted the first whale shark no one cared! In this area we are only allowed to snorkel with these sharks and we did so for about four hours with three different individuals! The water temperature was 78F/25C and the visibility was around 20ft/6m witch for El Mogote is quite good since the bay is full of plankton which is what draws the whale sharks to this area.
In the afternoon we did a dive at one of the famous wrecks of the Espiritu Santo Island, the Fang Ming an old Chinese fishing boat that was sunk as an artificial reef here the water temperature was the same 78F/25C and the visibility about 40ft/12m. This is a very nice wreck with very big openings that provide easy penetration, and lots of reef fish around it!
Hurricane Sandra already turned into a tropical storm and it turned east way before the Sea of Cortez which should make the weather clear up by tomorrow, also we plan to do a full day of diving at Los Islotes which is where the sea lion colony is located, one of the best dive sites for sea lion encounters ever!
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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