Tuesday, November 3, 2015

We had a Mantastic day at Socorro Island!

Hello Hello!!
It is good to be back at the archipelago!! Today we dove Cabo Pearce at Socorro Island and we had a mantastic day, the water is worm 83F/28C many of our guests are diving just with rash guards and shorties, the conditions over all were very good not much current throughout the day and good visibility around 60ft/20m!
Cabo Pearce is a place where it is common to see the mantas being cleaned by the endemic clarion angel fish and because of this they usually do not interact as much with the divers here as they do in other places like at El Boiler, but today was different we had lots of mantas all over the dive site many of them being cleaned and enjoying the dives bubbles at the same time. Today we heard many comments about how great the manta dives are here things like, everybody had their own manta, they followed us over 60 minutes all the way to the end of the safety stop, it is amazing how they look at you and many more. Beside the 10 different mantas that we saw there were lots of octopuses, moray eels, tons if reef fish, some with tip sharks, one hammerhead and to finish the day 3 dolphins at the end of the last dive!
Now we head to Roca Partida and we are anxious to see how it is going to welcome us on this new season, I am sure there will be lots of action.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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