Thursday, November 5, 2015

Another great day at Roca Partida, next stop San Benedicto!

One more day at Roca Partida and it was another good one, we woke up to rough seas four to six foot waves witch made it very interesting to go in and out of the pangas the good thing is that as soon as we got in the water it was nice and calm as usual. The temperature was warm again 83F/28C with a thermocline that dropped a couple of degrees at depth, the visibility was very good as usual in roca up to 100 ft/30m of blue water.
On the first dive we had a pod of dolphins join us at first there were 15 of them that showed up and did a couple of loops around us after that they scattered we still saw them for a while just in small groups of two or three at the time. On the second dive there were two mantas and we saw our first school of hammerheads of the season there were at least 20 of them just about 20ft/6m below us with 3 of them coming closer to check us out. The third and last dive of the day was calm but very relaxing we stayed close to the wall on the shallow zone checking out the white tip reef sharks and the lobsters that hang out in the holes and ledges of the rock.
Now we head back to San Benedicto for our last day of diving planning to do some dives at el caƱon hoping for some mantas and maybe some more hammerhead, but one thing is for sure this seems like the start of a good season to come.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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