Thursday, November 12, 2015

A perfect checkout dive at San Benedicto Island!

Hi everybody!
After a successful first trip we are back at the Revillagigedo archipelago planning on more spectacular diving with the best service on board of the Solmar V willing to make every journey a life experience to everyone who wants to come and discover the great life waiting at this magnificent destination!
We had a calm crossing from our departure point at Cabo San Lucas, the wind is dropping and we wait to have great diving conditions, especially with the winter approaching we hope the water temperature could be colder and we could encounter even more marine life, is it too much to ask?! Anyway, we wait the best for this trip from friendly mantas, playful dolphins and thrilling sharks.
Today he did one day after arriving to San Benedicto Island, the checkout dive went just perfect. Great divers with lots of experience, most of them had come to Solmar V at least one time so they know perfectly what to expect about the service and the diving, so they make everything to works smoothly and with the best attitude. From the beginning of the dive, when we were setting the descent line we had a good glance at some silky sharks at the surface waiting for the divers so we knew this was going to be a good day to get wet! Once at the bottom, we could see many different things, huge trumpet fishes, white tip sharks, guitar fishes, some rays hidden in the sand and the occasional moray eel between the rocks. At the end of the dive, going up along the line the visibility became a little blurry and while we were doing the safety stop, two silky sharks came out of the blue to make some unexpected company to our group. Our guests just loved it!
We hope tomorrow the day will be as good as this one, this time we are heading straight to Socorro Island where we are going to spend the whole day diving at Cabo Pearce waiting to have our first encounter with our beloved mantas!  Keep in the loop with us, we will have more interesting experiences along the trip and we are more than pleased to share them with all!

Rodrigo MarroquĂ­n, 
Solmar V
Dive Instructor.

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