Friday, November 20, 2015

An amazing day of diving Cabo Pulmo!

We woke up to some better weather today, it was still a little windy, but less than before. For the first dive we went over to El Islote in Cabo Pulmo Bay. The water temperature was 80F/26C and visibility was about 40ft/12m. El Islote is an amazing dive site for the amount of marine life it has! There are so many different schools of fish, snappers, grunts, gropers, pompanos, jacks and all sorts of reef fish, but the highlight this time were the snappers just so many of them in nice formations letting you get really close for pictures!
After this dive the wind picked up again so we went back to the bay of Los Frailes and did a couple of dives at El caƱon, this is also an amazing dive site with some beautiful rock formations. We went to about 100ft/30m but you can see that the abyss just keeps going, from there as you go shallower you have this big ledges like steps that go all the way to 15ft/5m full of reef and small schools of all sorts of juvenile fish all over the place! On this dive we saw five green turtles just resting on the reef, some white tip sharks and a school of around 30 golden cow nose rays.
To end the day we dove the sea lion colony! In Cabo Pulmo there were two sea lions that were curious and swam around us for a bit, after that we saw a big school of juvenile big eye jacks, and we spent about 30 minutes there, it’s amazing to be surrounded by them. After the school of jacks was gone some golden cownose rays passed by and we followed it for a while we finished our safety stop surrounded by a school of mackerel scads, another amazing day of diving on board the Solmar V!
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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