Friday, November 13, 2015

Manta action at Cabo Pearce!

Today we were at Socorro Island and our dive site was Cabo Pearce. The conditions were great with clear water around 60ft/18m visibility and it is still warm 82f/28C, some of our divers were making the plunge without a wet suit!  In the morning the reef was surrounded by fish! There were massive underwater clouds of creole, triggers and small schools of jacks. There was some current witch seemed the perfect conditions for some hammerhead sharks so we hung on to the edge of the reef and waited for them, but we did not see them today, while we waited lots of white tip reef sharks were hovering on the current just next to us!
Later on in the day many mantas showed up and they were very friendly, enjoying the diver’s bubbles and getting cleaned by the clarion angel fish at the same time. The last dive of the day was the best as we were hanging out with the mantas a big school of tunas passed by right above our heads! It was fast so not everybody saw it but the good thing is that they passed by again four more times so we got plenty of photo opportunities.
Tomorrow we will be diving at El Boiler hopping for some more manta action and maybe some dolphins stay tuned!

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