Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hammerheads, mantas, and more on our first day back to Roca Partida!

Hi everybody!
Thanks for following us on our first trip of the season on board the Solmar V, is a pleasure to let you know that we have arrived to one of our favorite stops on this journey, ROCA PARTIDA!
The days have passed and our guest have enjoyed great diving, exquisite food, incredible marine nature and the magnificence of the ocean, but the best is about to come cause this place gives some many surprises and the first day wasn't an exception!
We arrived at sunrise to Roca Partida which invites our guests to take many pictures of the scene before getting into their wet suits to start the diving of the day. Once the briefing has been given explaining all the procedures, possible encounters with the marine life, and planning the groups to get started, we jumped into the zodiacs and approached to the rock to start descending into the blue. The conditions were good, a mild current let us descend easily and the first group is in the water with great expectations about the place. Immediately as we are going down we saw the caves where the white tip sharks usually hang around, this is a good scene for a picture and our guest didn’t miss the occasion. They come out of the caves and start to swim around us and the feeling is incredible, you can see how happy the people is for being so close to this beautiful animal. As the dive went on we go deeper to try to find some hammerhead sharks because everybody knows this is one of the best places to see them in Mexico! This great species like to be in currents so we make some extra work to try to find them swimming into the current for a while, and suddenly at a distance we could see the silhouette of some of them. So great to see them again! Let’s hope tomorrow we can see more!
The time goes on and we suddenly see a shadow that is familiar to us, big black mantas getting close to us just like the ones that we had the past days in Socorro Island. How great is to experience the gentleness of these huge animals, how they interact with the people in a friendly way and full of respect for each other, it’s like they invite you to get closer and blow some bubbles in their belly. They kept coming on and on, when a silver tip made his appearance out of the blue. Then another one comes to swim close to the divers, enough to see how perfect their design is.
The place is full of life, wherever you look at you find something interesting to see. Schools of red and yellow tail trigger fish are everywhere; you can see trumpet fish hovering, groups of white tips swimming across the current and big moray eels hiding into the cracks of the rock are just some examples of the great nature that reigns here.
All the groups are happy with their dives and we are willing for more diving tomorrow morning because there is so much to amaze us at Roca Partida, and the feeling of our guests about being here is full of respect for the place and unique opportunity for being in this diving paradise, away from the crowds into an environment that invites us to think about the life complexity and how we are the main reason to help these endangered species to survive. It is just trough this experience that many people realizes what is our impact in the nature, and how as the most “intelligent” been on the planet, the human is here to preserve not to destroy.
Tomorrow is time for more diving, hope we have great conditions and plenty of life out there!
Rodrigo MarroquĂ­n, 
Solmar V
Dive Instructor.

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