Friday, November 27, 2015

Roca Partida, the dive site we dream about!

Today Roca Partida, that place you dream about!
The diversity of marine life makes it quite a unique place, the wall of Roca descends to 200ft/60m, and at 110ft/33m a layer of a bit colder water made the cotton mouth jack come up on the wall, moving all together, changing direction, so well coordinated! Lots of them with dark colours while others still have some silver colour, water temperature 81F. Some sharks like Galapagos and silver tip still prefer to be down here, as did we, it felt refreshing! Sharks don't mind having us around as a visitors, of course they check us out by coming so close that we made eye contact. They like to play a game where they don't mind coming close as long as you don't make eye contact, as soon as you lock eyes with them, they keep a safe distance. 

Black Jacks also liked to be in deep water, as we are looking into blue water schools of yellow fin tunas active chasing Amberstripe Scad! The south western point was nice with no current at all, it was the place to stay longer looking at all things happening around us, even
a school of about 30 Hammer Heads at 110ft/35m stopped by! They were not shy at all,
letting us spend a good 7 minutes with them, the half circle swim they do and come
back was nice to see, especially when they turn sideways making themselves
Shallow water was interesting on every dive as well, the amount of Pacific Creolefish was fabulous, when they surround you, you really feel as if you're part of the underwater world!

Many times they were just static, not moving at all, suddenly the bad guys came back in making every single living thing retract against the wall! Yellow Fin Tunas! Black jacks also joined them, these two together were in charge of keeping only healthy fish in the area, groups of 5 to 10 Silky sharks, rainbow runners, yellow fin tunas, black jacks, went completely in a insane feeding on amber stripe scad trapped near the surface! The bait ball couldn't take shape, the feeding frenzy was on! South area of Roca was so active! it seems today everybody woke up hungry! But Amberstripe Scad.
As usual, the white tip sharks were laying on the shelves saving their energy for the night
hunt, well organized all heads looking out to sea sharing ledges with spiny lobsters, behind us a school of big eye trivially approached us, making a tight circle around us several times before departing, very curious, slowly swimmers, others in pairs silver and black(male) color in a reproductive period. Above the surface, during our surface intervals Roca is a unique place to observe frigate birds just waiting for the return of boobies from the sea chasing them to a point of exhaustion to make them throw up so they can pick up that fish from surface of the water.
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