Saturday, November 14, 2015

Todays dive report at The Boiler written by our guests!

Nov 13, 2015
Today’s dive report was written by our guests based on such an unique and difficult to forget
An early start for Friday, November 13th on the Solmar V. Every one wants to get into the
water for a chance to swim with the mantas and maybe Dolphins, no one was disappointed!
What an incredible day swimming with both! Thank you Solmar V and crew. We can not wait to
see what tomorrow brings. Suzi and Cleve.
What an experience I had today at El Boiler, San Benedicto! I’m simply amazed and
overwhelmed, word cannot describe the moment I shared with this dolphin! Hearing them
chirping in big blue water is exciting, watching them swim by right in front of your face is
incredible, but to touch them and they dance around you is the moment you will never forget.
One little curious dolphin was with us for quite a while, enjoyed being touched and rubbed.
But of course the experience of the life time really started when i got to touch him. I put my
hand on his body and he twirled around me, with showing his belly and shaking his fins. I kept
rubbing his soft rubbery body, and he kept begging for more and more and more. As soon as
my hands left his body, he came back closer to me and rubbing his snout on my bcd covered
body. I ran through my hand over his body, touching his snout, back and fins. I was making an
eye to eye contact with him, I could see his eyes moving to see me...! How beautiful and heart
melting is that!! I extended my arm and opened my hand, he snuggled with his snout on my
hand. Each time he came back to be touched, he came closer and closer to me, begging for
more. At one point, we were just as hugging each other! It was only 3 minutes and half, but
the 3 minutes and half was the sweetest moment of the day, or possibly the lifetime!
Mai Endo.
As soon as we all got submersed, we were warmly welcomed to the under water world by
lots and lots of Pacific creolefish! I can’t say a number but it was just blue water, that’s the
way i describe vis, water temp 82F, a bit of current from South made us also work out a bit
too. The dive lasted more then 40 minutes with dolphins, mantas were there during the whole
dive, friendly as usual but unforgettable experience every time, as the minutes went by the
chirping of dolphins sounded louder and louder getting all of us so excited, those moments
when your neck takes all the work out looking for them! Mean time chevron and Black mantas
kept coming from all directions to place themselves over our heads to feel the bubble
massage on their bellies, white tip reef sharks, green moray eels, sting rays, flounders,
scorpions fish, tell how healthy the reef is, Black Jacks hunting Pacific creolefish made
everything retract toward the rock leaving us out there in the blue water! Not bad at all
because a group of 10 dolphins made appearance coming from the North side of the rock to
encounter us, from shallow water was a funny way to see it, dolphins and divers coming from
opposite direction running into each other, getting all mixed together, although they are
faster swimmers and way more graceful than we are, their contagious happy face made us
mimic their swim, the reinforcement just came in! Another group of 10 dolphins including one
albino dolphin to make 20 for 24 divers! The party just got bigger! we are surrounded by lots
of fish, mantas and dolphins! Our dive has almost come to and end, the mild current brought
us below the Solmar V, a safety stop made us stay a bit longer, dolphins wanted to play more
so they came up to us again, one juvenile dolphin made the difference between playing and
feeling the experience of touching him!
For 3 more dives we were so lucky to enjoy the company of many mantas at all depths! The
curtain of bubbles we made kept all mantas fascinated, not wanting to leave the area! neither
do we! So every dive was extended on bottom time.
Dive Inst.
Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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