Monday, November 2, 2015

We're back at the Socorro Islands, our favorite underwater paradise!

Greetings from San Benedicto!
It´s time for more action in the ocean and the Solmar V is ready for a new experience for the upcoming season at the Revillagigedo Islands! After spending the last several months at Guadalupe Island watching great white sharks in the solitude of that beautiful place, we are happy to inform you that we just arrived to San Benedicto Island after a successful cruise thanks to our experience and reliable crew!
The excitement for this trip is huge and we have an amazing group that almost arrived to our boat with their wetsuits on, waiting anxiously to get wet and experience for themselves the Socorro islands they have heard so much about! Everything is ready to start this amazing opportunity once more to experience the diving paradise and get in touch with the marine nature, the impressive volcanic topography and the deepness of that blue that make us feel privileged.
After departing from Cabo San Lucas, we headed straight to San Benedicto which is our first stop on the trip plan. On the way coming here we made sure that everything was ready for our first dive of the trip; the tanks are full, the equipment is ready, the plan has been set up and the mood of our group couldn´t be better! Now just to get in the water!
The first dive spot of the trip is el fondeadero, on the southeast side of the island, which is a rocky reef with sand lines in between and is situated very close to the island. With lots of red tail trigger fish and parrotfish around  we started our descent down the line one group at a time. Once we were at the bottom we could feel a slight surge caused by the wind coming from the south, at this moment we had visibility of around 35 to 40 feet and the marine life was spectacular! There were tons of fish everywhere you looked, a funny octopus close to the rocks didn't mind us being around and lobsters walking here and there during the day time.  The place is spread out but we didn't have to swim far enough to encounter the first shark of the trip! This time is a white tip welcomed us to Revillagigedo. At the end of the dive we could spot a great variety of fish at surface, a big school of chumps and huge surgeon fishes were all around us at our safety stop. Later at dusk we could see some silky sharks right at the surface trying to catch their own meal.
This could last forever but the trip is waiting for much more during the next days. At this moment it’s just great to be back in the water and finally at the Revillagigedo archipelago.  Now it is time to change tanks, get some sleep and be ready for tomorrow’s journey that is going to be really exciting!
Stay tuned! We would have more experience for you the next days, cause the best is just waiting for us.

Rodrigo Marroquín

Solmar V
Dive instructor

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