Tuesday, December 15, 2015

35-40 chirping dolphins, hundreds of fish, plus mantas all around us!

--Hi All! Dec 14, 2015
The Dolphin schedule was right on time!  Last night while anchored at El Cañon, safe area from wind and swells, we enjoyed of a nice hunting event! Silky sharks started to come up to surface, swim around the boat, soon after dolphins showed up too, Flying fish the menu! This morning a group of about 12 dolphins showed up around the Solmar V close enough that we could hear them breathing, tail slapping on the surface enjoying interrupting the quiet waters of El Cañon, anyway not our dive site this morning! 
After a short boat ride to EL BOILER on board of the Luxury Solmar V, some big swells made us do Zodiac dives instead of stepping off from the swimming platform, wind is here not as strong as we thought! We found ourselves all geared up in the zodiacs ready to roll backwards at the dive site, when we spotted more dolphins! Breaking the surface of the water with our tanks we started to descend, just before we knew it we could hear the harmonious chirping and clicking sound of dolphins that made us put a smile on our faces! Now we can talk about visibility, it wasn't the greatest but we were submerged for about 55 minutes dive time in water infested by hundreds of Pacific CreoleFish, just two minutes into the dive 6 dolphins made themselves visible to us, then 3 more, then another 5, we counted a total if 18 individuals, that were very enthusiastic to spend time with our divers!
We enjoyed playing with them the most by swimming just like they do! The fun went on for the first 27 minutes and included 3 mantas, we didn't know which way to look!? There was no current at all! The dive took place only in the NorthWest side of EL BOILER, our average depth 65ft/19m, water temp 81ºF/26ºC, dolphins were not getting tired
of us yet, repeatedly coming back to check on us, looking at us, their eye contact was imminent, we couldn't do any physical contact with any of them, although we tried hard not to the point of bother, just like if it wasn't enough dolphin fun a second group of 20 of them showed up coming from South! This group seemed guided by a pregnant female which was on the front line of the whole group a bit ahead of every other dolphin, so i will let you picture the scenario! 35 to 40 chiping, clicking whistling dolphins which we are in the middle of, hundreds of fish around
us plus mantas all at the same time! Our safety stop at 15ft/5m was accompanied by a silky shark that kept making circles around us chased by rainbow runners and Big Eye Trevally.
It was time to take a break from those big rollers so we changed dive site for the following two dives, El Cañon offered that quietness on the surface conditions, a mild current from East made all marine life be more active. We can start with lobsters walking out of crevices, octopus as well, juvenile black jacks congregated on the rocks, green moray eels, Big Eye Trevally, 3 silky sharks made our safety stop area below the Solmar V home for two dives which was cool to see and be there to make eye contact with, lots of white tip reef sharks also active swimming circles in a small area at 90ft/27m depth, 40ft/12m vis, 81ºF/26ºC, juvenile silver tip sharks were part also of the experience of diving El Cañon at the end of the day, some of us had the nice experience of drifting in the mild current, gliding while safety stop feeling secure by having the chase boats above us, the experience of our zodiac drivers Luis Godinez and Geronimo is something big here, a big deal!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata
Solmar V.

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