Monday, December 7, 2015

After two great days at San Benedicto Island with perfect diving conditions, we are back at our Favorite dive site: Roca Partida.

Hi everybody!
After two great days at San Benedicto Island with perfect diving conditions, we had an awesome experience interacting with dolphins and mantas at the same time now we are back on our favorite dive site: Roca Partida. This seems to be difficult to top on, but this unique and almost mythical place has lots to show us and we are ready to be amazed once more.
Rising with the sunrise, all the crew and guests get ready to prepare equipment, launch the pangas into the water and get the proper briefing to have all the required information so everybody feels comfortable and excited to start one more day of diving!
The conditions couldn’t have been better: slightly current, visibility about 100 ft,  water crystal clear with temperature of 80 fÂș and looks like even a mild swell at surface is not an obstacle to enjoy such a great day. So the first day begins with the encounter with a silver tip shark almost at 30 ft, this was the perfect opening for what was coming ahead us. We started descending the rock and at the distance we could see a big school of jacks mixed with the well-known creole fish that is everywhere you look at! The groups continue looking for the big stuff and suddenly at 100 ft we could see a big school of hammerheads turning around, the school included some juvenile. They came very close to the divers coming to shallower water this time. The encounter lapsed about 15 minutes and every group could have a good view of them which made a great atmosphere and charged the trip with great energy. In the same dive we could see two black mantas and one chevron, and we cannot overview the amazing silver tips! What else can we ask for?
When we thought that was a perfect day of diving more surprises arise upon us, so for the second and third dive we could see the hammerheads again at the same place, big schools of jacks, wahoos going and coming, schools of juvenile tuna mixed with mackerel fish. Thanks to the water conditions all these was possible and no one missed the opportunity to bring good stories back home.
This day has been so special, let’s hope our second day exceeds our guests expectations, if today didn't Already! (hard to say :).
 Rodrigo Marroquin
dive instructor.

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