Thursday, December 31, 2015

More dolphins and mantas at Socorro Island!

Hi everybody!
Today we arrived to the beautiful island of Socorro. After the great first day at “El Boiler” at San  Benedicto Island it’s going to be hard to top it, but this place has a lot to offer and the divers are ready to be surprised once more!
The first dive started early in the morning with good weather. There was a mild swell so our captain decided would be better idea to do the dives using the zodiacs, so we carried the equipment to the boats and got ready to help the people to hop on. Once in the water, the current started to pick up and we had to spend most of the dive close to the rocks, where it’s easy to see flounders, octopuses, moray eels, nudebranchs and all kind of different fishes. The max depth for this dive was about 90 feet/30 meters and the conditions got much better for the next dives. The temperature of the water was around the 78 F/ 25 C   with some thermocline in between that made the visibility a bit blurry.
As the day continued, we bumped into many mantas playing around with the divers! They had a great dive and the mantas cooperated a lot, they just kept coming and coming! Once we thought we had seen everything, a group of dolphins show up, with their natural friendly behavior. 5 dolphins kept swimming next to the divers for more than 5 minutes and then they took off but the happy face of the people made once more the day. For the last dive we could see many white tip sharks resting in the sand, next to sting rays and electric rays, of course we cannot forget the clarion fish cleaning the mantas. Another highlight of this dive was a Galapagos shark in the blue and a hammerhead that came to wave our divers from the depth. We encountered great marine life as usual! We hope our next stop will be as good as it has been so far. Roca Partida is waiting for us!
Rodrigo Marroquin 
Solmar V
Dive Instructor.

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