Friday, December 18, 2015

We are in our last stop of this trip and the diving has been great!

Hi everybody!
We are in our last stop of this trip and the diving has been great! We arrived to San Benedicto Island early in the morning to have our last day of diving at the great “Boiler”, so the people is excited willing to see once more the group of dolphins from the last time.
The conditions are much better than the last dive here, approximately 90 feet / 30 meters visibility, with blue clear ocean and mild swell at surface, which let us use the descend line from the stern of the SOLMAR V! There was no current so the divers could easily go down without any effort and as soon we got to 60 feet / 20 meters we could spot a big group of dolphins, including an albino and two baby dolphins next to their mothers. These animals have such a strong bond with each other, they are family members, it remind us of our connection with them in so many ways. We could see the mom petting and almost kissing the calf, taking it straight to the surface to breath and then down again to give a glance to this strange visitors! They stayed with us for about 20 minutes, most of the time quite deep but with such conditions is very easy to see all their interaction.
The place is full of life with all kind of fish, big schools of jacks forming the well-known vertical structures, lots of parrotfishes chasing each other, morrish idols gathering all over the place and we cannot miss the creole fish and the red tail triggerfish. Once the current picked up, we could see lots of white tip sharks swimming close to the pinnacle, with the occasional moray eel swimming out of the holes.
On our last dive we experienced one of the best dives of this season, when we were surrounded by 8 mantas at the same time! 6 chevron with 2 black mantas. It was spectacular. The divers spend more than an hour swimming with them, blowing bubbles at their bellies and feeling so grateful to live this. The mantas kept coming on and on, once and again. They don’t seem to have enough, just like our divers. So the connection is there and actually is quite sad to leave them, but we have to come back to surface and make our way back home.
Rodrigo Marroquin
Dive Instructor.

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