Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dolphins and Mantas at El Boiler!

Hi All!
Dec 29, 2015
We are at El Boiler setting up the back anchor for an easy descent, it is 6:45 am, cloudy morning,
air temp 78F/25.5C, we are about to go diving! 
A really thin line that divides air and water called the surface holds beneath it lots of marine life, lots of things we like and enjoy! El Boiler, a rock that almost breaks the surface, surrounded by lots of fish show the behavior of its inhabitants, lots of Bigeye Trevally in a vertical structure formation facing a mild current from South that constantly rubs the rock. Black Jacks in a constant search for food make the Pacific CreoleFish retract to the rock, the sand patches on the bottom show some of the white tip reef sharks of the area plus a lonely Hammer Head, lobsters of course, Giant Electric rays, we as diver are so happy to see, vis 60ft/18m was a great factor on watching Giant Pacific Mantas coming up from deep water to met divers to place themselves above the stream of bubbles,  air bubbles delivering a constant belly massage, mantas hovering over our heads, 4, 5, 6 of them, we all having a great time! The North side of the rock was witness of it by adding a group of 14 dolphins to our already amazing dive, the constant communication among them made us go from an easy slow dive of mantas into active mode of dolphins, among them that one dolphin we really want to see showed up, it separates from the group to come to us as friendly as no other to get touched by us, 5 trips into the season have gone already, he always show up! The unique experience of interacting with a wild dolphin mean a lot to our guests, we are so happy as a Dive Masters Thiago, Rodrigo and Daniel to deliver such lifetime memory dive, so this male dolphin didn't stop coming back to get rubbed on belly, back side, flippers, head, around the eye area while chirping and clicking to other dolphins, his eye contact to us while being rubbed is really something to notice, he is so accustomed to our hand touch by now, 80 to 100ft/24 to 30m was the depth at which it happened, the nitrox extended our time with them!
    The fascinating world of El Boiler made as go for 3 more dives along the day without more dolphins, in return we had on every other dive even 10 mantas at the same time, chevron, black ones, male and females, all participating in the bubble massage, every where we turned around there was a group of happy divers with mantas above and below them, the water temperature keeps slowly dropping being today 78F/25.5C no thermocline at all, it is not something bad, it just means soon we will be enjoying of Hump Back whale season, jumps, the
singing, tail slapping on the surface etc.
Dive Inst 
Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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