Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mantas all over the cleaning station at Cabo Pearce

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Dec, 08, 2015
Cabo Pearce is a unique clarion fish cleaning station for mantas! Our day started with some small rollers filling in, caused by wind from the north.
It is 6:20 am, clouds barely let the moon be seen, but we can hear dolphins breaking the surface taking breaths, just an instant of moon light shines on the back of some dolphins.
At 7:00 am first diver jumps into the water followed by many others, visibility was 40ft/12m due to swells, we all were capable to manage the surge in shallow water, it was actually a fun ride back and forward! Deeper water had not so much of it, so we headed toward East, visibility was changing in a funny way here. North side we had low vis, on the  South side we found blue water 80ft/24m visibility, it seems mantas don't want to play.  This morning, they are here, its just that they prefer to be shallower. We think they need time to get used to us. In the mean time we enjoyed finding green moray eels, flounders, octos, in general reef fish! Now we got mantas attention! Although it was almost at the end of the dive! Things completely changed throughout the day! A very good visibility covered the whole reef, water temperature did not change during every single dive we did today 80F/26.6C. One of the cleaning stations had 4 mantas coming back around taking turns to be cleaned by clarion fish, we did a good job playing with neutral buoyancy at 30ft/9m, lay back relax enjoying mother nature at her finest! Observing how slowly mantas glide coming in and those 30 to 40 orange color clarion fish swim out to encounter mantas then some take the belly area while many other take the upper side, all working together, two ways benefit! A second cleaning station was as busy as the first one, at 70ft/21m of water having about 5 chevron and black mantas, the no current at all made it possible to explore from beginning to end the whole reef, it was a beautiful contrast between brown color of the rocks and white sandy patches with white tip reef sharks resting on the bottom. As far as the end of the reef mantas the mantas didn't leave us alone! They kept swimming over our heads trapping the bubbles in the belly area by aching wings downwards, marine life over here is gorgeous and abundant, we are at 100ft/30m deep, a world of Pacific Creolefish find or feel secure being around pinnacles, scorpion fish blended in, not moving at, all waiting for a fish to swim by to make it a good meal!
Just one lonely and curious silky shark chased by jacks accompanied us while we were doing safety stop some times. The timing wasn't very accurate talking about dolphins since every time we enjoyed our surface interval they showed up increasing the hope to see them underwater.
Some unique features of Socorro Island can only be seen on Zodiac rides, like volcanic wall, arches, frozen lava bubbles, birds identification, lots of pictures were taken which our guests enjoyed a lot, zodiac ride courtesy from
At the end of the day and last dive, every one doing a body system enjoyed of the freedom of exploring on their own the safe area from 40ft/12m to 80ft/24m in a controlled conditions, sunset will soon happen, marine life is starting to
congregate in different areas, mantas again catching our bubbles did not waste any time while we are looking at little things on the rocks, crown of thorns,orange starfish, octos, zebra eels, jewel eels, green morays, etc.
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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