Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Friendly mantas, big schools of tuna, and more at Socorro Island!

Hi everybody!
After leaving San Benedicto Island yesterday, we are now at Socorro Island ready to dive the great site Cabo Pearce where more likely is one of the best places to interact with mantas in all of our itinerary, so our guests are excited to experience such a great opportunity!
As we are arriving to the island, the night changes into an amazing sunrise and the conditions seem to be just perfect. The swell has relaxed compared to the last days and the water looks clear blue inviting everybody to get splashed and descend to find what Cabo Pearce has to show.
The visibility as we are going down is about 60 feet / 20 meters and we could spot some dolphins at the surface, it looks like is going to be a good day! Cabo Pearce is one of the favorite dive sites due the dramatic structure, long walls on the sides that goes deeper than 100 feet / 30 meters with overhangs in the middle part that varies from 30 feet / 10 meters to 130 feet / 40 meters. Sand patches in between make the perfect place to see huge diamond sting rays, white tip sharks sleeping at the bottom or the occasional moray eel leaving the cracks on the rocks. As the day continues the current stays weak and the divers make their own way using the anchor line of the boat nice and easy. During the dives, we could interact gracefully with the mantas, this time there was one smaller that really enjoyed the bubbles and kept coming on and on close to the divers. At one moment we counted more than 6 mantas! Including two black mantas!
The visibility stayed the same until the last dive when the current picked up, the environment became a little bit blurry, about 40 feet visibility / 13 meters but even though we could see dolphins swimming at the surface and the mantas gliding all over the place. Some of our divers could spot Galapagos sharks in the blue meanwhile others could see big schools of tunas passing by during the whole dive. For those who like the smaller stuff there is always a place, so if you look closely you can see lots of flounders, octopuses or even some nudisbranches. This place has is all; don’t miss the opportunity to live this dive site!
At the end of the dive, we could hear some false killer whales but we couldn’t see them under water but our panga driver Luis told us they were very close to us! So the opportunity is always there, is only a matter of luck at the end.
Now we are heading towards Roca Partida, let’s see if this time we can see a whaleshark!
Rodrigo Marroquin
Dive Instructor.

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