Monday, December 14, 2015

We are back at Revillagigedo, this time our checkout dive was at El Cañon!

We are back at Revillagigedo, this time we start the trip at San Benedicto Island at el Cañon! There was a big swell the past couple of days witch stirred up the water a bit, lifting the fine sand around the island which makes the visibility drop, so we only had 20ft/8m visibility. The good thing is that the water is still warm 80f/26C and even if you need to get a bit closer all the life is still here! On our check out dive we had lots of lobsters, moray eels, white tip sharks and a silky shark. The swell is starting to die down so the water should clear up giving us opportunity for another amazing trip out here, keep tuned to see what happens next!
Thiago Mendonca

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