Sunday, December 6, 2015

Very Friendly Dolphins and mantas at San Benedicto!

--Hi All!
Dec 05,2015
The word about a friendly Dolphin has spread!
Water temperature, with no thermocline was 81F/26.6C. Dolphins already breaking the surface of the water sort of resting, Clouds are keeping the area a bit dark, it means our first dive was at 7:00 am, but as we say early birds get the best!
As we are descending on the North face of EL BOILER The 100ft vis super crystal clear water did let us see the whole rock with everything that lives there, lots of bicolour parrot fish in a mating process, Jacks in mid water making the ascending formation facing all in one direction, Pacific Creolefish, Clarion fish endemic from this area! There is so much life around the rock! White tip reef sharks, silver tip shark, flounders and of course the docile and friendly mantas, 4 in front of us! Everything is here just as we are descending! Bubbles and more bubbles to please the mantas, so faithful to them, we actually think they really like a bubble massage, they kept coming back to every stream of air to hit their bellies, 25 minutes of mantas then just as if it wasn't enough another 3 came in to join the fest, so chevron, black, males and females mantas, all in our area! A gentle Current from South made us stay in the
West side, mantas did not want to leave this area as well so stayed, out of the blue 6 dolphins are here! We were in the middle of the sandwich, above mantas below dolphins! What a dive!! We added 30 more minutes of mantas and dolphins to our already Fantastic dive! But we wanted so bad to see one specific dolphin, the one has been extra friendly! Well one did let us pet him for a few minutes, we are so happy! The surprise was to find out this little one is not the same one from our past trip! We had dolphins by groups counting more than 20 of
Our Surface Interval was cloudy, a bit windy, air temperature 80F/26C, Dolphins are still hanging around the Solmar V inviting us to jump in! In the distance the clouds are connecting with the surface of the water, a well visible tornado just took shape!
The descend of our second dive was as nice as the first one, almost a copy of our previous dive, dolphins and mantas, minutes and minutes went by, we are at 80ft/24m of water breathing nitrox 32, dolphins surrounded by lots Black Jack fish adopting vertical position in front of us letting us come closer to them, the fun came with a bit of work out again, but it really was worth it! Current took back to descend line to hold onto, then didn't need swim to
find everything, everything came to us! We tried to go around the rock! impossible! Mantas and dolphins chirping kept us prisoners of time to enjoy their presence! Another Surface Interval happened with dolphins leaping about 8ft/2.5m high above the surface of the water.
The last two dives were just manta dives! Huge yellow fin tuna cruising the territory terrifying Pacific creolefish, at the end of the day vis diminished a bit, all day long we enjoyed of warm water, our reward as a dive masters ….the smiles of our guests!
Dive Inst
Daniel Zapata, Solmar V.

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