Thursday, December 17, 2015

Excellent conditions at Roca Partida!

Today we dove Roca Partida and the conditions were excellent, water temperature of 80f/26C and crystal clear water with 100ft+/30m+ visibility!
Our first and second dive today were very similar, a mild current was hitting the south point of the rock which  brought lots of life to that area at 100ft/30m there were lots of white tip sharks very active and huge schools of trigger fish, and jacks!
The third dive was a bit different, we swam away from the rock passing the big clouds of fish and spotted some hammerheads off in the distance and a small school of tunas passing by with some silky sharks chasing it!
Now we are heading back to Socorro to check out Punta Tosca a dive site we haven't yet visited this season, so we are looking forward to see what mother nature has in store for us!
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Istructor

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