Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We're back at San Benedicto!

Hi everybody!
Today we started our day early in the morning with great diving conditions, clear blue sky and the best attitude to have a day full of experiences underwater. The dive site on turn this time was “El Cañon” of San Benedicto Island.
We unloaded the zodiacs, prepared the diving equipment and got ready to explore this magnificent environment always ready to be surprised by the thrilling shark or the friendly manta but, this time the first thing we saw were the bottlenose dolphins! A big group made their appearance at surface and all the divers were very excited about it!
Along the day the diving conditions were good, with no current to mild after the second dive but nothing to worry about, our divers enjoyed thanks to the amount of life underwater thanks to this. We had visibility of 60 feet/20 meters for the first three dives, only for the last one dropped to 30 feet/10 meters; the water temperature 75 F/ 24 C that made pleasant dives with few layers on.
We had sharks most of the dives; on the first and second we could see some groups of hammerheads on the edges of “El Cañon” with some of them coming into it so the divers could spot them perfectly! As the dives went on the mantas showed up, coming across the divers feeling the bubbles and chasing the divers almost crushing them against the sand just to enjoy the bubbles! As usual we got to see silky sharks under the boat in between the big groups of jacks and creole fish. The place was full of life especially in the corners of “El Cañon” were all the life gathers and shows why this is one of the best sites of the trip! Today we are leaving San Benedicto heading towards Roca Partida, lets hope we can have the best dive of the trip!
Rodrigo Marroquin, 

Dive Instructor
Solmar V

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