Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A great checkout dive at Las Cuevas!

Hi everybody!
Once again we are in Revillagigedo Island getting excited about the dives that we are about to have on this trip, from the beginning, we had a calm and easy dive for our check out dive in San Benedicto Island!
The conditions today were awesome with calm sea, great visibility at Las Cuevas, about 60 ft/20 mts, no current that helped us to have a very enjoyable dive with an underwater temperature of 24 C/ 73 F. Along the dive the conditions stayed constant, in terms of marine life we got to see several white tip sharks laying in the sand and inside the swim troughs sharing the space with big electric rays and some sting rays in between. The swim troughs at this site are great, full of grunts and jacks swimming between the divers made a perfect environment for our guests. Even though this was our check out dive and the best is about to come over the next days we got to see plenty of life here at Las Cuevas! Not to mention a couple of turtles swimming close to the wall on the west of the side, many parrot fish eating the coral and some rock mover wrasses graving rocks with their mouths and randomly placing them in another place. At the end of the dive we got to see more sharks on a big sand patch without even minding the divers getting close to them to get great pictures.
This trip has just started and we are waiting for the best to come, so stay in the loop with us and check our next dive reports!
Rodrigo Marroquin

Dive Instructor.

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