Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Very friendly mantas at Roca Partida!

Today we dove at Roca partida and as usual we had another great day! The water temperature was 73F/25C and the visibility ranged from 80ft/24m to 100ft/30m with almost no current throughout the day.
Probably the best dive was the first one in the morning, as soon as we got in the water right next to the caves where all the white tips hang out close together we saw a giant manta coming towards us and then we noticed there were actually 4 mantas around the rock! It is unusual to have so many mantas on this dive site and when they are around normally they are not as friendly as in the other islands but this time it was different there was one in particular a juvenile chevron giant manta that was extremely friendly and allowed the divers to get very close and enjoyed their bubbles.
On the second dive we spotted a couple of big Galapagos sharks and also a school of hammerheads, it was a big school but we just hovered on top of them as they were a bit too deep this time. On the last dive we mainly stayed with the white tips and the schooling jacks but at the end of the dive we saw about 7 big Galapagos circling the north point of the rock in shallow waters.
Thiago Mendonca
Dive Instructor

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