Monday, April 25, 2016

A ton of fun at El Canon and El Boiler!

Hi All!
Today we had a lot of fun diving at the Canyon and at The Boiler!! The first two dives we dove the Canyon with a very good visibility 80 Ft / 24 m and the temperature of the water was very enjoyable, 76 Fº/24ºC. We saw a bunch of bottlenose Dolphins, 15 to 20 of them were very curious and playful with us. One of them we call "Henry the Dolphin" was especially interested with the divers. We had a couple of hammerheads at the 85 Ft / 25 m we found white tip sharks, and on the way back to the Island we saw a black Manta! A Beautiful Manta that was big, very big at least 20 ft. / 6 m. from wingtip to wingtip. It passed slowly, slowly in front of us at 50 Ft/15 m and went passing by to disappear into the blue.  Another Manta showed up, but this time it was a Chevron, it was black on top with white spots and grey to white belly. This one was a small to medium size giant Manta. It was very relaxed and elegant swimming circling around the cleaning stations.  For our second dive at the Canyon a Chevron Manta came up from depth to the 50 ft. / 15 m to play with us! This Manta was circling the cleaning stations where the Clarion Angel Fish were looking forward to clean it. Once at the 85 Ft / 26 m. a group of 4 Hammerheads Shark approached a little bit closer this time. To finish our day we spent our afternoon dives at The Boiler, spectacular dive spot which is an underwater plateau with several steps and cleaning stations. After we entered in the water immediately a Chevron Manta came to us and was interacting with the divers as they like to do, circling, feeling the bubbles on their belly’s, it was such a beautiful creature and incredibly gentle. The water temperature was 76ºF/24ºC and the visibility was 30 Ft/9 M, to 40 Ft /12 m. maximum. We went down and into a crack located at the 70 Ft / 21 M. we spotted 4 whitetips sharks resting on this part of the wall. Once at the eastern corner we found more Mantas passing on top of the cleaning station located at the step at the 30 ft. / 9 M. For the last dive we stuck to the reef and the visibility was lower than usual, 30 Ft / 9 m. to 20 Ft / 6 M. at the beginning we moved all along the reef and we had a big school of Pacific Creole Fish, lots of them! We were looking for the Mantas but they weren’t close by, so we swam into the blue water looking to find good stuff, when a massive school of Amberjacks was from the 50 Ft / 15 m. all the way to the surface! Trevally Jacks were passing close by as well along with a few Big eye Jacks! This dive was totally different and very relaxing. Finally we surfaced and we heard that other group found a Manta Chevron. It was and excellent day of diving and this is just the beginning!  We have more dives coming soon!! 

Hasta la vista!!
Ignacio Hernan Leyro
Solmar V

Scuba Instructor

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