Saturday, April 16, 2016

Another great day underwater at Roca Partida!

Hi everybody!
Today we are heading towards Socorro Island after spending two days at Roca Partida with some good dives and happy to have experienced this amazing place once again!
Early morning we woke up still in darkness but with all the energy to make an unforgettable day for our guests and hopefully we did it cause even though we had some big swells due the strong wind, the divers proved once more their love for diving and everybody was ready to jump in the zodiacs and explore this magnificent place.
The conditions underwater were good, with great visibility about 80 ft/ 25 mts, it was cloudy so the first two dives it was a little dark but nothing to spoil the dives.  the current was hitting us from the north so we started all the dives on the northeast so we could managed to get down easy and have relaxed dives close to the rock, the water temperature was 23 C/ 73 F with several thermoclines along the site.
On the first dive, we got to 30 meters and started moving to shallower water as the dive progressed with tons of fishes everywhere on the east face, big eye jacks, trevallys, the creole fish and triggerfishes were all over the place! We got close to the caves to take a glance at the white tip sharks that have made their home at Roca, sometimes making for a hilarious picture when you see how they like to get their own space between the lobsters and moray eels! We could see some silvertips quite deep and even one or two Galapagos shark made a scattered appearance.
For the second dive we focused more on trying to find a manta and two big mantas appeared to make the day for some of our divers that had never seen one before, so it always feels great when you see their expression of happiness and satisfaction on their face!
The mantas showed up on the last dive two and we drifted along with them during the whole dive and they really showed their love to the divers swimming between them and feeling the bubbles on their bellies! Our trip its almost at the end but we still have some more dives at Socorro and San Benedicto, let’s hope the weather is good! Stay tuned!
Rodrigo Marroquin

Dive instructor.

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