Friday, April 15, 2016

Friendly dolphins, mantas, plenty of sharks, and great conditions at Roca!

Hi All!
April 13, 2016

We are at Roca Partida! It's a little bit chilly here this morning, the high clouds won't let the sun light penetrate, and we have a bit of wind coming from the North.  The white stuff encrusted on the rocks makes it look like it was just raining!  The wind was blowing pretty much all day long, at times it slowed down a bit, but the swells made our entry and exit a little more challenging than usual, but once we were underwater everything was very nice to us!  We spotted dolphins early in the morning, we were lucky to see them on the east side, a group of about 12 actively swimming.  We spent about 15-20 minutes with them doing all sorts of moves to keep us entertained!  This group was very curious, they kept coming closer trying to investigate what we are!  Two of them weren't shy at all, by showing a mating act in front of everyone, not only once but three times!  The other were chirping loudly and were breaking up a school of cotton mouth jacks.  Following them left us a bit away from the rock, so we needed to kick a little bit to make it back, but we made it!  The west side offered nice diving with lots of fish, as usual we had a ton of white tips, the hard coral attached to the wall also offers protection to lobsters, eels, and other types of fish.  Visibility is still good despite the surface swells.  Pockets of cold water made us come up searching for warm water while the cotton mouth jacks stayed deep.  Mantas appeared on the east side, they were playful as usual, the first one to show up was a chevron manta before a 2nd black manta showed up!  Water temp was in the mid 70'sF/20'sC with 80'/24m visibility.  Surface conditions continued to be cloudy and windy, a few times sunlight broke through making us feel toasty.  On our 3rd dive the current shifted bringing blue water all over, the water was so clear we could see the bottom that's at a depth of 60m/200' approximately.  The big eye jacks and cotton mouth jacks came up to shallow water, we were surrounded by jacks!  We rode the current when a chevron manta crossed our path, and stayed with us for the rest of the dive!  The friendly manta showed off doing vertical loops repeatedly showing us his white belly!  As we're resting on the sundeck of the Solmar V, about 150m/450' away two humpback whales broke the surface to get air, and getting us excited about our next day of diving!
Dive Inst.

Daniel Zapata
Solmar V

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